Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shit Happens

Good Morning,

I'm up for stinking work. I'm also rolling my poor feet on a frozen water bottle, my plantar fasciitis is acting up again. I just can't afford new workout shoes right now.

So anyways. Yesterday my daughter had an doctor appointment, so I picked her up at school as a car rider. As I'm waiting, I go to text my sister and the screen on my phone starts flickering then goes black? I turn the power off & take out the battery, wait 20 seconds then try to turn it on again. Its not responding. sigh

After the doctors office I come home and get on the phone to virgin mobile. After they walk me through a few procedures they offer to send me a new phone ( im guessing it will be a refurbished phone) so im very pleased with that. I honestly didn't think they would since I purchased my phone through amazon.

I know this sounds crazy but I feel completely lost without my phone :( all my contacts, apps and pictures we're on there. Pictures that I won't be able to replace - like vacations and family reunions. I haven't unloaded my pics to my computer in a while ... sigh

oh well, shit happens.

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