Saturday, April 05, 2014

Setting a Positive Mind Set

Good Morning,

Im up early to sip my 1/2 decaffeinated coffee before work. I've got a few things going today so my anxiety is up a little. First I have work for a few hours then there is a job fair for a local warehouse that's opening it's doors soon and I plan on checking it out. Who's knows...maybe they will start off more then what im making?
I also have a funeral to go to around 1ish. My husbands uncle passed Thursday and it was very tragic - his family is having a hard time so prayers are appreciated.

I mentioned in my last post that this week has been a small step back on my weight loss journey. It was spring break for the kids and I took the week off too. My calories were over everyday but we were very active this week so I'm hoping it balanced it all out for me. I've got to get back on track today - the first few days are always the hardest for me ( I was suppose to start back yesterday)
 Bottom line is that losing weight is my #1 priority right now. Today I will focus on getting back on track - staying with in my calorie limit. I also need to get in another weight workout sometime this evening.

I also mentioned on my last post that I asked my doctor to call me in some wellbutrin. Im so reluctant to start taking this pill, like with every antidepressant, you just never know how it will effect you. And the experiences that I read online are so widespread? One person will love it, one person ended up in the hospital after one pill...I just don't know. I would like to start taking it when I don't have to work...but thats not until next weeks schedule which starts on a Wednesday. I'm not starting it today, thats for sure. I will keep ya'll updated on it =)

ok, off to pack my breakfast and get ready.

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