Wednesday, April 09, 2014

New NVS & Some Inspiration

The pants I bought late last year were kinda snug and this morning they fit comfortable, woot woot!!!
 Im so excited...these are the things I can't wait for ::::
  • My pants to get loose ( starting to get loosely comfortable) 
  • My face to lean out
  • Increased Energy ( already feeling it)
  • To enjoy shopping agian
  • To shop for cute clothes again and not just clothes to 'cover me up'
  • To wear all my smaller clothes in the closet
  • To wear 'The Dress' again ( Ladies, you know what I mean)
  • To pass by a mirror and SMILE
And most importantly... 

  • To feel like a HOT MOMMA  
I will take some pics after I've lost 20lbs. No new weight loss to update you guys on, but im doing what im suppose to it will come. I measure again on the 26th :) 

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