Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day # 63

Good Morning,

I'm off work today ( YAAHOO) and I plan on getting in a cardio workout and painting a picture. I want to test my artistic ability and paint more backgrounds. I never showed a pic of my last painting did I? I will have to create a page for my paintings =)

So I'm feeling a little better today. I didn't drink my 2nd cup of 1/2 decafe this morning and I don't feel as anxious. I started taking 2 pills of bupropion this morning. I really, REALLY hope that wasn't a mistake. This stuff has me on an emotional roller coaster ride - im just gonna ride it out for at least 6 weeks (or 2 months )until I know it's full effect on me. Im hoping the side effects will go away soon. Its suppose to be the only antidepressant that doesn't cause weight gain.

Speaking of Weight
No loss in weight for 2 weeks now. The scale has been hovering about 1 pound up from my lowest weight. In the past this means im fixing to get a 'whoosh' as I like to call it. A 2 or 3 lb weight loss at once. Lord I hope so, im getting sick of doing all this work with no weight loss. But on the other hand I can look in the mirror and see new muscle definition, I can tell im tightening up everywhere, its just going to take some time and I've got to remember that. Its only been 2 months. Im proud of myself for sticking to it even when I fall off the wagon

And I need to vent. 
So I work in a deli  with about 5 women in the mornings. They all talk about each other and it can get a little stressful. I don't like drama so I keep my mouth shut and just work. But lately they're all pissing me off. They keep requesting weekends off? I haven't had a Saturday or Sunday off in 4 weeks and I'm starting to get irritated about it. I told my husband yesterday that I plan on requesting  a Friday, Saturday and Sunday off soon or I won't get it. Its ridiculous!!

I had a girl approach me three weeks ago about Easter Sunday, it was suppose to be my Sunday off and she told me about some plans she had for it. ( we are suppose to be rotating Sundays off but I haven't seen the advantage of that yet) She asked me in the middle of me waiting on a customer and I was dumb founded. I said 'well, you've been here longer than I have so take it". But I kinda figured I would have this past Sunday off - WRONG.

Yep...its starting to piss me off big time.

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