Friday, April 11, 2014

Come ON Coffee

Wake me UP!!!

Good Morning, my eyes are wanting to close on me this morning. Hopefully this bright computer monitor will help with that.

Can I fill you on a little secret?
 I don't want to go to work today 
I want to stay home and watch Dexter in my PJ's :-D
I started watching the first season yesterday on Netflix and I'm hooked...

After work I plan on working out. Weight workout then some power walking or a possible hike after supper, will see.

Yesterday we went to a local buffet and I was good girl. Had a huge salad then some rotisserie chicken, a very small scoop of mac-n-cheese and a buttered roll. I did indulge in a slice of carrot cake but it was one of those really skinny slices...

ok...gotta go

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