Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And The Thunder Rolled


I don't have much time since I kept hitting the sleep button this morning. There was some nasty weather that came through GA early this morning that interrupted my sleep.

Just wanted to pop in for an update,

Nothing new to report on my weight loss, Im slowly losing. My hubby is talking about ordering pizza tonight so I've got to figure out how to include a slice or two in my diary..while doing low carbs because there is no way im going to be smelling pizza and not have some!!

I went to see my doctor yesterday and it went as suspected. I posted on an early post about Tranexe to take at night, well he said the trazadone is better for sleeping and that I'm already taking Valium ( which is similar to tranexe sp?) and its better for long term use then the Tranexe so there goes that idea. He did switch me to the slow released Wellbutrin and told me to take Valium everyday so it can build up in my system ( just 3 grams total - im sensitive to medication) . I don't like that, but my anxiety isn't great these days so im willing to try.

anyways, gotta get the kiddos up and ready for school and myself ready for work.Sorry for any typos
Have a great day.

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