Saturday, March 22, 2014

Update 3/22/14


Well, its 5:35 on a Saturday Morning, im getting ready for work. I've already packed my lunch and breakfast. After work I plan on doing one of those double workouts. A cardio and strength training for about an hour.

Yesterday was a good day, I did go over on calories by 150 but im not going to stress about it. I was in a grumpy mood so it could have been a lot worse.

I plan on measuring again on the 26th. Really hoping to see some smaller #'s. At least some 1/4 inch losses. Im not sure when I will weigh again, the darn scale has been stalling lately so I put it up a few days ago. I may wait and weigh around the middle of April. 

Sorry for the last dreadful post on here but this blog is about my weight loss journey, and that includes everything I go through during it. I don't eat my feelings anymore so I have to deal with them instead. I'm getting better at it, I recognized the negative thought  patterns and stopped them yesterday. I was basically beating myself up about everything that has went wrong in my life. And I have to let it go, just like my hubby said yesterday , everyone has something they regret. It's hard to swallow but I have to forget and move on. 

ok, enough jibber to get ready. Have a great Saturday :)  

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