Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Update : Day 47

Good Morning,

Its early right now, around 5:20, im up to get ready for work. I can't wait until quitting time today - I requested the week off to be with my kids on their spring break. Im sooooo ready for a break from work.

Yesterday I did great on my plan. After work I came home and did 30 minutes on the total gym then 25 mins of Cathe kickbox. I was whooped after that. The total gym was burning me, I was feeling every exercise I did. I think it was because my body was tired from work?  Then Cathe's KB really helped with the aggression I was feeling LOL. I had a few aggravating moments yesterday  ( to say the least)
Today will be some cardio after work and I have a feeling Im going to need it, Sundays are pretty stressful, specially if I'm cooking.

I peeked at the scale and im up 2lbs, not too bad being that im on my monthly visitor and I allowed a free day and a higher calorie snack the next day =)

I'm feeling good one day at a time. I had some sad moments this week but I didn't dwell in them. I know they are just feelings and they will pass. (for those who don't know - I've been struggling with some depression over the past 2 yrs)


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