Saturday, March 15, 2014

Practicing Patience

Good Morning, Hope everyone is doing well. 
I've got to work today but im off tomorrow. Yeahya! 
I woke up this morning hoping to see the scale move in the right direction and its still hovering around a 2.4lb gain. WTH? Its been five days since I've seen a loss?  I'm doing everything right. I'm logging every morsel, I'm weighing my food and im getting in my workouts. I'm even saving calories for my higher calorie day ( Wednesdays) so I can eat without guilt! ( I try to 'bank' about 1000 calories for this)
sigh, Now I've just got to learn how to practice patience.  
 I do my measurements in about 10 days so I'm looking forward to that! With all this weight training I'm sure to see some smaller measurements.
GAH...just p.o'ed right now :/ 
WORK GOSSIP and I want to share it!! 
So my Deli manager approaches me yesterday and she says' Don't tell anybody but...".  And when she starts off with this sentence she has my full attention. So she says' " don't tell anybody but the assistance bakery manager is wanting to move out of the bakery. She asked this morning."  My jaw dropped!  I asked my manager what is the store manager going to do - move her? She shrugged her shoulders and walked away.... 
WOW! I don't think I told you guys but the Bakery manager has already announced that she is moving to Florida at the end of the school year, so she's gone. And there has been rumors that the little bitchy donut maker and the 'holier than thou"  cake decorator is opening up there own bakery together. so there leaving as well. 
What is the store manager going to do about the bakery at our store? I mean, thats most of the bakery clerks there?  
Im waiting for him to approach me about going back over there. I don't want too. I could care less about that bakery, TBH the work in the deli is far easier. If I go back to the bakery I will probably be stuck getting that big ass truck three days a week. Doing donuts a couple of days a week and then making our production cakes. All isn't worth any amount of money. Unless he can offer me a 3$ an hour raise, and full time benefits  - I don't see that!  And I kinda like being part time. Its nice....

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