Sunday, March 02, 2014

Oh, Thats Why....


Its too early to be up, ugh. 5:30 is just to dang early.

So for the past few days - well, I guess you could say a week now - I have been extremely grumpy. Its just amazing how a womens moods can change so suddenly when it's that time of the month. This morning I got my monthly visitor and was actually relieved. Yesterday was a dramatic and stressful day for me at work.

Let me tell you a little about it! ( lol)

I had to work the meat counter yesterday ( deli meat counter). I kept grabbing the wrong meat and slicing it then I would feel like an idiot in front of the customer. And if that wasn't frustrating enough I had to work with this other lady and she got on my last nerves. She hovered over me, correcting me. ( I mean seriously, I know how to chop celery & onions) She kept leaving me her meat to wrap. Oh and she's very loud, just talks really loud - all the time - and she likes to gossip. I don't care about that. She's in her late 50's so its hard for me to say anything to her.

 Im not sure if I can handle her today without talking to her about it. She's driving me nuts!!

But I would rather just let it go. I have worked with her before and just let everything roll off my shoulders. I But with the arrival of my visitor this morning I understand my short temper now.. Im going to try and just let it go. I don't like confrontations.

I stayed on plan yesterday for the most part. I was over 210 calories on MFP - I had me two shots of whiskey before bed ;-)

Today im going to get in a workout after work. Perhaps it will relieve more stress than the liquor. LOL

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