Saturday, March 01, 2014


Yay, March is here!! Come ON warmer temps!!
3 more days and I will enjoy an indulgence/moderation meal. Ugh, can't wait. I'm getting so bored with my food...guess I need to look on MFP's Recipe thread and find something new to eat. I did go through my old recipe thread here and found some familiar recipes. Thats where I found that FlatOut Pizza idea I made the other day. 
Got on the scale this morning and was down another .4 , yeahya! Total of 4.8 so far. I honestly didn't think I would see a loss this morning - I usually retain water after a weight lifting workout. Yesterday I did 48 mins on my Total Gym then another 30 minute walk. Not sure if I will walk today or tomorrow, but I need to get in one more walk before this week ends. ( my weeks end on a Sunday) 

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