Monday, March 17, 2014

First Non Scale Victory!

I weighed this morning and blah. I'm up half a pound. Why do I put myself through this torture of weighing everyday? There are two more days until my official weigh-in this week then im putting this damn scale up for a week. No peeking at all - I'm sick of the fluctuations. I think it will help my mental status quite a bit LOL

I told myself when I started logging my food 34 days ago that I wasn't going to do strength training because of its interference with the scale. But two weeks in I got the Total Gym and can't help myself, I love this machine!
Yesterday I pulled on a pair of some windbreaker workout pants that used to be tight in the rear and thigh area but guess what? Not anymore...yeahya! My first NSV!! 

Today is a total body gym workout and laundry, im off work so it will be nice and quiet around here with the kids gone and my hubby working.

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