Sunday, March 16, 2014

Feeling Anxious

I hate when I feel like this. I want to eat - blah!! Instead im doing anything I can to distract my feelings, including blogging to you fine folks.

Im still on plan for the day, well - im over like 45 calories, but im drinking some 1/2 cafe coffee and gearing up for a power walk with Leslie. Then I will take a bath after that...hoping it will calm me down a bit.

I took the kids up to the grocery store where I work for a few things for supper when all of a sudden the Assistant bakery manager comes running up with something to tell me. She's excited and looks like she's about to bust. I could NOT believe her news! The store Manager has asked the little bitchy donut maker to be the Bakery Manager. Im in SHOCK - well kinda, part of me doesn't want to care but part of me does. I mean I worked in that bakery for over 2 years before storming out with frustration. But wow, It never occurred to me that he would ask the her to fill the position - a women who doesn't speak very good English (hispanic) and can't read English very well - I wonder how she's going to place orders? And she can't decorate. All she has done in the bakery since she's got hired is donuts. And not to mention she has a horrible, almost snobby attitude. Even the store manager has said this about her attitude, he's made comments about it to me.
 Im in total shock!  He must be desperate....

Well, now that i've blogged about it and gotten it out of my system perhaps I can calm down a bit.

Now for that walk....

Im BACK..the walk helped so much. Im feeling calmer now and thought things through. Here's what I came up with. 

I guess im a little disappointed. I wanted to at least be considered to go back over there. Maybe I'm a little hurt? IDK - I would have stayed in the Deli anyway because im happy with my hours there and there isn't hardly any stress. I just would have liked to be asked I guess... Who knows. Maybe he ( store manager) did ask my Deli manager if she could spare me and she said no. 

Why do I care so much? - blah. Im going to drink my green tea and get over myself. LMAO! 

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