Sunday, March 09, 2014

A New Challenge!!

Do I have to go to work today? 

I feel like asking my mom this question. I can remember a time when I would ask her "Do I have to go to school today?"  At least I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday...HELL YEAH!!

My energy is lacking, and im getting tired of the same old food everyday. I have GOT to find something new to eat. Guess its time to surf the net for some good recipes. Im getting sick of the same old crap.

My morning weight was a pound heavier then my weight yesterday * eye-roll* Oh well, I will try again tomorrow. I'm doing everything right so it will come. I just have to be patient.

Oh and BTW- I'm absolutely LOVING my Total Gym. I can see myself leaning out with this thing.


So we got a wedding invitation for July 14th,its for my husbands niece.  That gives me a little over 4 months to get some weight off. Gives me a challenge too work towards. I would love to wear a size 12 by then or heck, even a size 10. Im in a 16 right now. Its possible if I work hard enough. 

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