Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week One - 4.4lbs Loss


My eye's are wanting to close on me this morning. I'm hoping this coffee will help in a minute...

This week was a success. I got in 5 days of walking and stayed very close to my daily calorie amount and guess what? I lost weight...go figure. ( yes im being sarcastic-gah-its too early to be my usual chipper self) I think tomorrow, since its my day off , I will enjoy a higher calorie day. Nothing crazy because my workouts aren't near as intense as what they used to be. Perhaps around 2000 calories. I can enjoy a 1000 calorie meal with that (basically a cheat meal).

Well, just checking in with my weight update.

Nothing else new going on. I'm still working...kids started back to school yesterday after being off for two weeks ( first week was a snow week).

ok, have a great week :)

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