Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Emotions - Dealing with it.

Good Morning,

I'm off work today and soaking up the quiet around me. I LOVE silence, it gets so loud at my house with the kids and dogs. My job is also very loud so when I get these few precious hours to my self  I vast in them.

Monday was a hard day. I had a really bad argument with my mom on Sunday night and woke up with it still heavy on my mind. Work that day was slow, thank goodness but I was so grouchy. After work I came home to a dirty house and 2 very rambunctious kids playing wii. I just wasn't in the mood for anything,  I stayed on plan and ate my already logged food. No emotional eating which is what I would normally do in stressful times. After supper I listened to music and cried. Yup...I cried with my ear phones on in front of the computer. My kids were watching tv and my hubby was taking a nap so nobody knew - it felt good to get out my frustrations. I was so grouchy all day too. My dh told me to 'calm down' after I snapped on him. He forgot to get something..can't remember now. He is so patient with me...god love him.

My mom and I decided to stay clear of each other. Its sad but we just don't get along any more :(

Yesterday i had a 'moderation meal'. We went to Arby's and man was it good. I had a medium roast beef with a small curly fries and 1 & 1/2 mozzarella sticks. I did very good considering it was a higher calorie day :)

party on....

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