Sunday, February 23, 2014

Different Approach


This week I have rocked my healthy lifestyle change. Eating more veggies, lean meats & complex carbs, trying to cut down on the sweets, logging my food and walking 4x's a week. Its what has worked for me before.

Last time (a few weeks ago) I tried to jump back into my workouts and log food. I did fine for about 3 weeks then got burnt out on the workouts, felt discouraged with the scale and fell off the wagon.

This time I'm taking a different approach. I started a new account on MFP. I'm committing to sticking to their calorie counts and eating my exercise calories. Oh and exercise is walking. No lifting weights, no intense/strenuous aka high-dread-factor pressure. Just walking! And so far folks its working.

I've got to go to work but I wanted to note how im doing. I also started a MFP blog so I will be checking in here & there.

*** "Cheers, here's to a new healthy lifestyle" ****

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