Friday, February 28, 2014

2/28/14 Friday Update

Hi Folks!

Had myself a nice little sweat fest this morning.
It started with a 48 minute total gym workout and ended with a 2 mile walk.

 I did the intermediate dvd that came with the TG and I was burning, particularly in the quads, biceps and shoulders. I LOVED IT! I really like those explosive squats they do, there very challenging. So far the total gym is very impressive. I even pulled it out myself this morning and changed all my intensity settings too. Its so simple.

After doing the dvd I popped in a new Leslie Sansone dvd that I got at Sams Club the other day. Walk to the hits 'party songs'. It was different then her usual walks, she had new moves in there and the music was really upbeat with some familiar songs.  I did 2 miles total.

Oh and I'm still on track with my food, still logging into MFP daily to log everything.  It Feels so good to know that I CAN do this. I gotta admit, for a long time now I didn't' think I could. I was dreading having to diet again but this time its different. I no longer feel pressure to lose weight, I'm not going to beat myself up when I skip a workout. I'm just going to do the best I can, when I can...thats it.

And on a side note.This has to be a life style change, not a diet. Its not a race to see how fast I can lose weight or a challenge on how hard I can push myself with workouts. Its a daily commitment to myself - because I deserve to feel THIS good everyday! ( yes, I'm a cheese ball - I don't care )

Have a nice weekend =)

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