Sunday, February 02, 2014

2/2/14 update

Well, its 12:44 on a Sunday Morning.

I'm off work today and very glad to be. Today is Super Bowl Sunday and im pretty sure its nuts at work right now. It was crazy yesterday...

Confession. My last low calorie day was on 1/25 I had about 1700 calories. Not sure what happened...well I know what happened.  It snowed here last Tuesday and the kids were out of school, jason was home and for some reason I just didn't feel like watching what I ate, I didn't feel like working out(although I worked out 4 days last week so thats a plus) . IDK...this isn't the first set back nor will it be the last. I think my main problem is I'm not getting results fast enough. I mean 3lbs in 4 weeks isn't great. I'm starting to wonder if my thyroid is off or something? Guess I need to take that paper work the OBGYN gave me a couple of weeks back and get my blood drawn.

ok...I think this blog is private now so im basically talking to myself. But its all good - im good at it.

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