Sunday, January 05, 2014

Trying To Push My Buttons?

Good Morning,

I have to work this morning and not really feeling it. Today I have to 'cook' at work...not my favorite job at the Deli. Its very fast paced and multi-tasking.

Yesterday I had to do the meat counter - you know that area in a deli where they slice your deli meats. Well, I was the one slicing your meats :) . Its quieter there too...Its my favorite job there.

Im starting to realize the more I work around the women in the deli the more it feels like a job. Im not there to make friends. I don't trust not a single girl there. And there are a few that push my buttons...........

Yesterday the girl that trained me how to cook comes up to me and starts asking me how I cook 'this' and how I cook 'that' because she's had complaints about it?


I look at her and want to say " im washing dishes do you mind?"

But I kindly answer her questions and she then tells me how she cooks them and its the best way blah-blah-blah... ( I pretty much block her out at this point because its either that or throw a dish at her ). When shes done talking I notice that her voice sounded like it ended in a question. crap. So I look at her and and say I didn't hear that last part, what did you ask me.  So after she said she didn't ask me a question ( its just her normal - annoying way of speaking) . I say "ok" and go back to my meat section where its just me and the meats...

I'm pretty sure she was confused after that... about immature? She's got to be close to 50? sigh... to work I go....

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