Saturday, January 04, 2014

Saturday 1/4

Good Morning,

Just wanted to check in. I bought a new journal for my workouts. I'm calling it the Success Journal. Every day that I workout I will write in it. Right now im kinda doing what I feel like doing, not really following a rotation. But as soon as P90X gets here I plan on starting it. I've done P90X before and really liked it so I know what to expect.

Yesterday I did 45 minutes low impact circuit and I was wiped after that.

Here are my meals

Breakfast -  a egg & turkey bacon sandwich on whole wheat bread,coffee
Lunch-Grilled cheese with spray butter and low fat cheddar on whole wheat bread with high fiber tomato soup
Supper-baked light Italian chicken breast with brown rice and a side salad with light ranch dressing. 2 chocolate covered cherries.
snack-bowl of rice crispies with 2% milk

I figured around 1600 calories total. I want to start writing it all down but for some reason i have anxiety about it? Maybe I'm scared I will fail or something? IDK...

Have a great weekend, I will bb Monday or Tuesday.

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