Monday, January 13, 2014

Picking Myself Up Again

Good Morning

Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. Mine was good...except for the whole having-to-go-work part.

I was so good on my eating yesterday. We went out to Applebee's ( one of our favorite restaurants ) and I ordered off their 550 and under menu. Got the Parmesan chicken with steamed spinach & mushroom and onion pilaf. The chicken was mouth watering, the rice wasn't the pilaf but once I stuffed it in with the chicken I didn't care. (The waitress said they don't carry the pilaf anymore.) I was really impressed with it.

Then we scooted over to Walmart for some things for the kids lunches. It was a nice evening after a very tough day at work :( seriously, when your ready to just break down and cry then you know your having a bad day.  It was busy and I had to just sucked. ( had to fry over 270 pcs of chicken total by the time I left)

I've got some good news!! I got in 5 workouts last week and watched what I ate too. It felt good to accomplish that. I now know that I CAN workout 5 days a week and work 4 days a week and live. LOL

Well, I finally gave in and weighed this morning. The # was a little more than what I expected... 228. I instantly felt horrible (the reason I don't like weighing a lot) but I needed a starting weight. Its hard picking yourself up after seeing a high number like that. And I've been eating pretty good since new years and I still saw a big # , thats kind of depressing.

Anyways, I'm not going to analyze it, just hoping to see a loss next Monday....

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