Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Morning

I'm up early to get the kids on the bus. In a few minutes I will start my workout before I'm due at work at 9:30.

So I was scrolling through facebook yesterday and saw a post that made me drool a little on myself. It was a picture of a Diet Coke Cake. It looked like a gooey, chocolaty something-I-wanted-to-try. So I did. I bought a Duncan Hines devils food cake and some Coke was good. So good in fact that I wasted 400 calories on 3 slices :/

I threw the rest of the cake away

Yesterday my calories were about 1980 -argh. Its ok, I haven't ate any of my exercise calories so I don't feel so bad. Today I plan on doing a circuit workout before work and really kicking some butt :)

Why Starve Yourself?

I ask this because there is this girl at work who is eating 1000 calories a day, basically starving her self in order to drop some pounds. She has lost about 16 lbs and I was honestly thrilled for her. But my mind kept going back to why starve yourself? Why put yourself through that when you can eat a little more and still lose weight. I just don't get it? I guess its about being patient...some people want instant results.

Not to toot my own horn but I think I will stick to what I know works for 'me'. A small deficit in calories-in and working out 4/5 days a week. It feels good to have the energy to workout again. Im so proud of myself :)

But no more diet coke cake LOL

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