Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day # I'm tired of counting!


I woke up at 2:47 last night and was still tossing and turning at 4:30 when my husbands alarm went off.

ugh, sigh

The first thing I wanted to do is make me a bowl of sugary cereal... but I didn't. I've got some egg beaters in there and I plan on eating a breakfast sandwich before work.

I did make me some coffee and headed to facebook. There is so much negative things on FB in general but  I was pleasantly surprised to see this post. Its about bullying and this time it happened to a news anchor.

Her response lifted my spirits. No, I haven't been bullied lately but in school I was bullied a lot due to my weight. I eventually got over it and remember little now but its very damaging to a young girl. If you get a chance watch the video.

So, anyways. I have been doing very good lately. Been eating good and working out like I used too. For the month of January I haven gotten in 5 workouts a week. It feels good to get back in the swing of things.  Eating is going well too. Im logging my food and staying very close to my calorie count. I'm not a huge veggie eater so eating salads and stir fry help a lot with that. I know it takes time to start losing and it will take time for me to see some results...and I try to keep that in mind when I don't see any. Like this morning I woke up in a 'blah' mood. I headed straight for sugary cereal...and I know I don't have the calories for that and its a huge step to tell yourself that when your 'in the moment'. So my willpower is getting stronger.

Today I have to work 9:30-5. I like working in the Deli, I mean its ok...its a job ( and its better than the bakery) and im happy with my pay but I do plan on still looking for something better. I really want to work in a doctors office or a warehouse...anywhere away from food. LOL

Well, I planned on getting in a workout before work today but it looks like thats not going to happen. I will try again after work...if I don't workout today then I will just have to settle for a 4 day week.


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