Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day # 8 ....still going.....

Good Morning,

I was a party animal last night and stayed up past my normal bedtime @ 9:30..I didn't go to sleep until midnight! I'm feeling it this morning through...kinda sleepy. We stayed up watching 'Captain Phillips' with Tom Hanks. Pretty good movie...I love Tom Hanks, he's such a good actor.

So, as the title says its day #8 and it feels like its day #108- teehee. This is the third week of 5-day-a-week exercise. Feeling really good about that. Unfortunately the scale isn't budging AT ALL. I really just want to take a sledge hammer to the damn thing. Its so discouraging to do everything right and not see any results on the scale. GAH! hubby says my butt is lifting up and I seem to be more firm everywhere. LOL..only he would notice that. haha

oh well, I will keep on trucking ...

I'm off today and so is my DH, we're headed off to the mall to look around. J.C. Penny's is having a sale on jeans for the kids. Gonna see what we can get into. We also plan on eating lunch there and I plan on getting a chicken sandwich and Chickfila ( been craving one) with a large unsweet tea. YUM.


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