Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Check In 1/7/2014

Hello All,

Just finished another awesome workout with Cathe's 4DS series. I did Back & Triceps followed by Higher Intensity Step, modified of course. I find that if I don't do all those jumps my knees and feet thank me for it later.

My eating has been great too. Yesterday I had 1700 calories right on the dot. Today I'm aiming for the same amount. I've got to get to the store and get some more produce and greek yogurt...that stuff don't last long around here.

I can't believe the temperature here in Ga, woke up to single digits again. My back sliding glass door was frozen shut, I had to wait for my hubby to wake up before I could let the dogs out. The kids are out of school today because of the cold temps, the whole county is out for the day. Tomorrow is there first day back from Christmas vacation.

ok...everything is going good. Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend :) I'm off until Thursday then I have to work up until Monday. Did I mention I love being part-time? =)

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