Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Weight

Hey...quick check in this morning. My weight was 206 this morning...thats 2lbs down from my lowest. 
14lbs so far 

Yeahya :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mid-Month Update


Its 6:17 on a Monday morning and I'm getting ready to go to work. Just thought I would pop in here with an update for this month.

So far I've been doing very good on my eating and workouts. My pants feel loose but there is no change in the scale. Still around 208lbs.

Back when I was losing before my body took some time to get adjusted to its new weight and it wouldn't let go of any more until it was ready. I know my weight lifting has something to do with it  ( although I'm not lifting extremely heavy, just moderate a couple of times a week and im not really fueling those muscles, unfortunately)

I'm still taking that diet pill. Not crazy about how it effects my moods. Its hard some days to not cry or lash out at people. I still have to work on those night cravings too...but there not as strong. I'm not sure how much longer I'll take it. Eventually I will have to come off it and do this weight loss thing the old fashion way...the way I did it the first time. But for now, it working to kill my appetite and it makes the whole dieting process easier.

I bought a Gazelle online...its pretty cool. There isn't a lot of resistance with it, but I knew that when I got it. I just wish there was more workout video's on it. It came with one and its pretty good. I also have a spin bike that my dad won in a raffle winning. Its pretty fun too..although it gets boring.

We went on vacation to Myrtle Beach last week. Spent 3 nights and it was so nice to get away...I didn't want to come back. It was a little crowded but not too bad. I don't remember MB having so many wild teens running around :0, specially at night. Next time we will stay at the other end of MB where its more for families. Were suppose to take another vacation at the end of July to the beach. Don't know where this time.

ok...back to reality. Laters

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