Friday, April 26, 2013

TGIF 4/26/2013

Good Morning, I can't believe May is almost, where does the time go?

Well, my DH had an interview yesterday at a local well known production company and I was thrilled he got the interview. So the next step is a call back next week for a back ground check and a drug test. I'm praying he gets this would answer our prayers. Its only 15mins down the road.

He had another interview last week from a place that was about 25mins away and we were pretty confident that he would get that job. He had a 2nd interview this past Tuesday and they said they would call him back next week. Well he got an email yesterday stating how they chose another candidate for the position and yada yada yada...I don't understand why though? He was (IMO) over qualified for the position...perhaps thats the reason. And I don't think there starting pay is quite what he was asking for.

Yesterday was a B-day party for my niece. It was nice seeing her and my sister...I will try and edit this later with some pics of that.

Im just feeling kinda discouraged at the moment. Don't want to go to work...tired and grumpy :(

September 2018 Update

Hey Ya'll! I've got about an hour to blog before work. My eye's popped open at 4:45 this morning, don't you just love that...