Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hormones On The Flip Side

I wanted to document a bad day I had as future reference. :)

Angry day was on 4/7/2013...ETA this emotional feeling lasted the whole week, up until friday. Then one the luxuries of being a women happened..*ahem, the dreaded monthly visitor ( insert sarcastic smirk here) so.

So it was Sunday morning when I woke up and I wasn't feeling my usual self. I don't know why, perhaps everything was building up emotionally and I couldn't really get a good release with workouts because of my back injury , so walking was all I was doing that week.

It started when a co-worker came to me with a 'he said - she said " situation involving me and another employee who is notorious for starting trouble. I was furious!! After I smoothed things over with the co-worker it still didn't sit well with me because I couldn't confront the one who started it. I was uneasy, lacked focus and just tried to make the best of my day.

When I got home I cried. I cried by myself outside. My husband left me alone, he did aske what was wrong and I told him I just didn't want to talk about it.  My daughter asked what was wrong and I told her I just needed some alone time and everything was fine. When I was crying all these thoughts went through my head like "DH getting laid off. Oh and thanks to Obama' he will only receive 19 weeks of unemployment" "how are we going to make it without his unemployment? He has filled out SO MANY applications with only one call back, what if he doesn't find a job?" "how in the world did I allow myself to gain so much weight?" " why do people start trouble and just say mean things?" ....so anyways - you get the point.

I honestly think its hormonal. I was a bad day...I haven't had one in a while so I guess it was due.

Then I did something that was an old habit. I told DH to order a pizza and some wings. While eating I decided I wasn't going to 'pig out' but instead just enjoy the indulgence with accountability. I ate 1 slice of pizza with 6 hot wings and was stuffed.

I prayed that night before bed and prayed the next morning  I just wanted this horrible angry feeling to go away. And it did the next day. God is amazing...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Quiet is so lovely!

As I sit here with my decafe coffee, ready for work with my lunch pack I realize that i still had 30mins left before its back to work. So Here I is!!! :-P

Everybody is asleep, including the dogs. Its so damn quiet...i miss quiet. Quiet hardly happens anymore...

Yesterday was so beautiful here in Ga. Around 74 I believe. After work we threw some burgers and dogs on the grill and ate outside on the patio. So nice...and quiet. Then we went to a local park and walked our big outside dog, Cassie girl, for about 35mins. it was again - quiet.

Today is suppose to be just as pretty. After work I plan on getting in a good workout then maybe some yard work. It desperately needs it.

I updated my 'measurements and weigh in page. My next WI and measurement are on 5/11 - can't wait :)

Have a lovely Sunday!!

September 2018 Update

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