Friday, March 22, 2013


1 container of cool whip
4 tbs hazelnut spread
2 servings of angel food cake
2 tbs of natural pb
1 big bowl of captain crunch berries
1 bean and meat small burrito ( my DH's frozen snacks)
1/4 of Tonys pizza
1 servings of turkey spaghetti

From the time I got home from work at 3:30 until the time I went to bed last night, ^^^^ this is what I ate.


I woke up feeling like poo :(

The first thing I wanted to do was eat AGAIN. But Im not going to. Im NOT GOING TOO!!!

I have to close tonight at work, which is hard for me on days like today...when I'm not quite as focused as other days. But all of that can change with a good workout, some mp3 positive downloads, some self talking & pepping. I'm moving on.

Because I deserve it!

Edit to add. Just did Cathe's Athletic Training and im a sweaty mess...told you I was moving on. Binge - sminge....pssst. Time to get my food packed for work and conquer this day :)

August check-in

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