Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday, 2/23 - update

Well, I couldn't help it. I had to weigh in this morning and im down a pound. That one little pound gives me hope.

The last three days have been good. I've logged my food and listened to my brain sync download. 

There is one thing that I decided to do yesterday...i feel that my medication (celexa) isn't working as good as zoloft did so im going back on zoloft, but instead of the 100 mg dose - im going to stick with just 50mgs a day and that's it. I'm hoping it doesn't effect my workouts like it did the first go around. I will just have to be more disciplined with it...I will have to make myself workout. And logging my food is a must with my food addiction and binge disorder. I know its hard to log food everyday but if I can do it for most of the week then I won't gain any weight. There is something about seeing what I eat on paper that stimulates my mind and stops all the mindless eating.

On today's agenda:
1) Workout 4/5 days this week
2) plan and log my meals for today
3) buy a water bottle at work and keep it filled there
4) listen to my ocean sounds tonight 

Yesterday my workout was summed up in one word awesome . But unfortunately my right heel was very sore last night and I only used a 4" step - sigh, really sucks. I miss my step workouts. 

I plan on doing a 35-40 minute medium intensity cardio, not sure what yet. I need to get my workout clothes on and get going because I have to be at work at 11am today. BOOOOOOO  back to work today. to get my workout in.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trying My Best

I just walked for 30 minutes listening to Kelly Howell's : Accelerate Weight Loss subliminal reprogramming mp3 download. Below is a copy and paste from the website, it shows the hidden subliminal message that are just out of our normal hearing range but are still very powerful. The only thing we hear is the sounds of the ocean waves crashing. Its very relaxing... 

This recording contains the following subliminal messages:

  • Every cell of my body vibrates with energy and health.
  • I am slimmer and more fit.
  • Extra pounds are melting away. I am burning fat faster.
  • I have a great metabolism.
  • I like small portions best.
  • Small portions are best.
  • I look great and feel terrific.
  • I’m lighter today.
  • I love exercise. Burning calories feels great.
  • I am active and energized.
  • I love myself. I love my body. I love to feel good.
  • I’m feeling better every day in every way.
  • I look great. I am lean, vibrant and energized.
  • I choose health and vitality.
  • I feel better being slim.
  • It’s easy to say no. I am in control.
  • Self-Discipline is satisfying.
  • Being slim is easy and natural.
  • Discipline rewards me.
  • The past is over. I’m making changes right now., I don't work for her or her website. I purchased these to help guide me on my weight loss journey. I need help guys!! :/ , I've been bouncing back and fourth lately and I can't seem to stay consistent.

My plan is to listen to these at least once a day for now until I can get in more control of my eating. I've been binge eating almost daily :(  Once the thought of 'more food' enters my mind its hard, very hard for me to stop. 

Anyways. So...despite all my latest attempts to keep a food log AND after getting inspiration from one of my favorite blogs that I follow ( ) I decided to start writing down everything I eat regardless of how tired I am, how busy I am or if I even went off plan. I will be accountable for what goes into my body, starting today. 

Day #1 pic. 

I will try and load pics of my daily journals as much as I can. 

Monday, February 18, 2013


...isn't that what spongebob says? Or is it Patrick? I dunno?

My sister treated us to Red Lobster yesterday. It was her 'thank you' for my husband doing her taxes.  Yes, I'm sure Red Lobster has very tasty food to all the sea food lovers out there but here's the thing. I'm not a sea food lover. My husband on the other hand is.

 I can't get over the smell when you walk in the door - the look and the sound of all those crab shells cracking. It makes my spine cringe!

Here a true story,  I took my hubby there when we first got married. This was before I was diagnosed with G.A.D. and I really didn't understand why I was feeling weird around certain situations. Well anyway, when the waiter brought out the seafood sampler that my hubby always gets I could feel my skin crawling. Then when I heard him cracking those shells and saw him digging into that lobster tail I actually had an anxiety attack at the table. The world started spinning, my heart was racing and I had to go to the bathroom and gather myself.

Anyways, I do like there biscuits and I had two. But my entree was broiled flounder with a side of steamed broccoli + a side salad with dressing on the side. So I did very well :) I should of taken a picture for yall.

Today is Monday, 2/18/2013 - I still have 5 days left of my vacation and I gotta tell ya, I could get use to this. So nice and relaxing. I don't have to hear about any drama at work, I don't have to wake up early to workout or worry about what im going to pack today for lunch. All of that planning is so exhausting.  No wonder I didn't really have a hard time losing weight before? Besides taken care of my kids + hubby, it was my priority now all of that has shifted to the back burner because of my job.

Today I plan on getting in another workout, lately I've been doing 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. I may do a circuit today, perhaps afterburn by Cathe? Its tough and so challenging. I will update my workout page when im done today....

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....