Thursday, December 12, 2013

Venting and mumbling

This blog is becoming more of chore for me for some reason. I feel like every time I announce im 'starting a new diet' and fail, im failing this blog. So I need to change the title to something that doesn't remind me of my failure. I'm no longer starting a new diet. I've got to start thinking about the big picture here. Its my bad eating habits...I need to change my whole life style of eating.

Maybe I just need to change the whole blog around? IDK what im gonna do yet....

The fact is that this blog is reminding me of how fit and trim I used to be and its depressing the crap out of me.  And im sick of it.

Anyways...just some early morning random thoughts before I go to work..ugh.

Yesterday wasn't the best day. Our water got cut off because I forgot to pay the bill :(. I got upset at work during my lunch break...but I held it together, there were no tears I was just very angry and wanted to cry. I felt bad that I forgot to pay the bill. And all I had was a check book on me and they wouldn't take a check over the phone. UGH. I had to go by my husbands job after work and get the debit card to pay it over the phone. It was finally turned back on around 5:30 last night.

I will be glad when my hubby is home more. Right now he's working overtime at his job because of the Xmas rush. Hes home one day a week...its hard on both of us with the kids. Im exhausted and he's exhausted... no wonder I forgot to pay the damn water bill.

Well, guess its time for me to make the kids lunches and get them ready for their bus. Im SO GLAD im off tomorrow...Yay. I need some "me" time.

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