Monday, December 30, 2013

Update & Good Morning :)

Hello All,

I didn't realize it's been 5 days since the last time I posted. Hope everybody is enjoying their holiday season.

I'm up early to get ready for work, got to be there at 7am and work till 2:30. This is the kids 2nd week out of school for Christmas vacation. Its getting expensive to feed them, gah!! I have to go get some groceries after work today. But at least I work in a grocery store so its no biggie.

So I've got something interesting to share about work and in includes the bakery.

So apparently the store manager was looking for me the Sunday before Christmas and I had already left. He wanted me to... and I quote " go to the bakery and straighten them out". LOL...they had ran out of fudge and wasn't sure what to do. And from what I hear he isn't too happy with the assistant manager ( the little two-faced 22 yr old that I trained from scratch) she isn't doing her job.

And I noticed this past "inventory" Saturday when I was working the meat counter at the deli ( you have a really clear view of the bakery from there) that the assistant manager wasn't there and that the Bakery manager was having two girls help her with her inventory. And I know the Bakery Manager, she doesn't trust just anybody with her inventory - I know it was burning her up inside to ask these girls to help.

sigh, doesn't surprise me. I also hear she had hurt her back from unloading a truck ( the trucks I would do 4 days a week) I honestly hate the fact that its not working out for her. At one time I thought of her as a friend - until I noticed some unpleasant sides to her. ( yelling and slamming her hands on tables, barking orders, not giving credit where its due, blaming others for her mistakes).

I did speak to her the other day since she has yet to bat an eyelash my way. I asked how she was doing and I even gave her a hug. She was nice (she's good at being nice when she needs to be). I figure I'd better be the better person and speak first. And I was...

0k, gotta get ready for work. First I need to read my goals before I go. ( check out my Body Fat Solution page to read them yourself)



  1. I've never heard of that programme but I love your goals and the fact that it targets your mindset first!

  2. Thank you Twenty Kilos, I appreciate that. When I was filling out my goals section I had some loud kids in the room so I had to keep going over them to make sure they made since, LOL!!
    And I agree with the mindset first all starts with our minds. I have to believe that I can do this. He really plants that in our heads when I read the book. :)


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