Sunday, December 22, 2013

TGIS For Me!!

Good Morning

Im so excited to be off tomorrow & Tuesday! Then of course Wednesday is Christmas so the store is closed so that makes three glorious days in a row with my husband and kids :)

Nothing new going on besides that. Actually, I've been really struggling to eat healthy lately ( like I said, nothing new going on-lol). And I haven't worked out in over two weeks! Its shameful really :( I can almost hear myself getting fatter.

I plan on doing something after work today. My mentality needs it. AND I plan on going to that gym tomorrow and joining. I called Friday and its 25$ a month for the gym and the classes are 15$ a month. I can doing 3 classes for free. I'm just so excited to be stepping on a new stone in my life. These bad habits are about to gone. And that makes me very happy :D

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