Saturday, December 07, 2013

Something's Gotta Give!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!!

My first thought this morning was to step on the all mighty scale and guess what? Im up exactly 1 lb from two weeks ago....? sigh....

Im starting to wonder if my thyroid is off or something? In about 4 weeks I will have insurance and can go to the doctor..cant wait to get a full blood panel done. I want them to check my blood sugar too. At least I will know I'm ok.

Maybe im putting on muscle but its been too soon. Muscle fibers take time to repair and its only been a few weeks since I seriously started back.

To heck with it,

Yesterday I did Cardio Coach volume 3 at the park. It was really fun to test my body like that. My knees and feet were aching with every step but I got through it - and a sweaty mess too. LOL.

I want to work my muscles today :)

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