Thursday, December 19, 2013

Morning Sunshine

Just one more week to go before Christmas is over. I'm looking forward to seeing my babies on Christmas moring and I'm definitely looking forward to all this madness to be over. Bah, Humbug!!

I'm dragging this morning, I'm really regretting that sleeping pill I took around 8pm, ugh. I woke up with a med-head. I could easily go back to sleep right now.

Well, as bad as I think this must be it can't be any worse then how my poor hubby is feeling. He's working 12 hour shifts / 6 days a week right now. He's going on his third week, bless his heart. I can tell its starting to get to him. He barely complains though. Monday will be his last day.

SO FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS I have been off work and did some much needed cleaning around the house. We had our Daughters B-day party here last night and it went well. She got some perfume, boots ( she all into those puffy boots now) a dvd and a cake. She was happy with it, I could tell. I don't think its fair that her b-day is so close to Christmas...

Its also time for me to get back on the band wagon with my eating. The last two days haven't been pretty and my pants are reminding me of it. My focus today will be to drink a lot of water to flush out the sodium in my body. I'm going to try and eat clean too...

OH...MY BOOK CAME. Yay!! Its The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto. I can't wait to read it. I plan on starting tonight. I'm hoping to change my mindset on food like I did back in 2005...I set myself up for success. And I will do it again :)

ok, off to get ready for a crazy day at work. Have a good one guys :)

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