Monday, December 02, 2013

Monday Mumbles

Good Morning, Can I just say how incredible sad I was to hear of Paul Walkers death? sigh, I really liked him :)

Hows everybody doing today? I'm up getting the kids on the bus...drinking my coffee. I got my breakfast in the oven and soon it will be very quiet here, can't wait...

Yesterday was good. I got home from work around 2:15 and immediately got my workout clothes on. I know that if I was to sit down it would be hard for me to get back up.  After scanning my workouts I decided on one of my favorite weight workouts by Cathe Friedrich, Power Hour. I did all upper body + abdominal's and felt really good. I was challenged with the weight I was a great workout.

My total food consumed yesterday was 1787...which was exactly what I wanted. I even had my late night snack...I saved calories for it.

I'm just bragging because im very proud of myself. =)

This morning I peeked at the scale...not as bad as I thought. Its just extremely important for me to stay on my plan. One unplanned meal and my mind seems to switch to this "eating shark frenzy" and this way of thinking seems to be my downfall.

Depression Notes (warming 70% cheesy )  

I noticed last Saturday when I woke up that my mind wanted to go down depression road. Thoughts went through my head like " why bother? You have a lot of weight to lose." " why did you let your self gain so much weight after all the hard work to did to keep it off? "

But then that click in my mind came and told that whinny side of me to shut-up and get moving - cause your worth it!! 

You know, the mind is a funny thing. Its true - its powerful. We decide the route our mind takes when thinking...and when those negative thoughts start their process, we have the option to switch to positive in that moment.

just one of the things therapy has taught me

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