Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas :)

Good Morning,

I'm enjoying some time off from work. My hubby is also off this whole week and we don't go back until Friday ( well he goes back Saturday) Its so nice to spend this time with my family :)

The kids opened up their presents this morning and loved everything they got. My DD was surprised to see her phone.  We got a little android phone, nothing too expensive because she's only 12. I told her she only gets a limited amount of minutes per a month and once she uses it up, its all she's getting for the month. And her allowance will help pay for the monthly fee..she was all for it. LOL

My son got his ps3 games and a remote control car so he's happy. He also got some house slippers and really liked them, he put them on and did a little happy dance - it was priceless.

I just finished a workout from Cathe and im drenched in sweat and loving it. While I was working out I thought "well no wonder I lost all that weight doing her workouts, she's tough" then I was going over the whole gym membership idea and comparing how many dvd's I could buy instead of paying the monthly gym fee. But then there is always the possibility of taking those classes that are only 15 a month, I think that's a reasonable price for some Zumba and weight lifting. I will probably start off with that.

I can't wait for some slightly warmer weather so I can get out and get my walk on. I miss going outside. We also plan on getting a bicycle - thats going to be so fun.

So as you see, lots of changes happening in 2014. I told my DH that for next Christmas I want a family portrait done and I plan on reaching my goal weight of 150 by then :)

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