Friday, November 29, 2013

The New Journey Starts Today!!

So, I've decided to count calories again starting today. And I know what you guys are thinking "Here she goes again" (lol) But I've got to start doing something. I have been thinking about it for a very long time.  On my last post I mentioned how I wanted to wait until after the holidays but why wait?  I know how I am...I will pack on another 5 lbs before then so I will start today.

I'm following Myfitnesspal. It allows me 1,750 calories a day. I'm not going to eat my exercise calories even though the site encourage's it. I will have a higher calorie day on Friday's (around 2200) but that's it. No out of control eating, I will watch my portions and this time not let anything get in the way of my priority...ME!!

I miss my salads and healthy eating. I miss how good I feel when I take care of myself. I've been drinking water so no problem there. My sweet tooth will be a problem but I know from experience that once I get sugar out of my system those cravings go away. I plan on working out at least 4 days a week and on the days my depression is bad, I will make myself walk at least 30 minutes. Its going to be a challenge but I know once I start eating better my general well being changes, my mood is more positive. And I have so many tools I can use to keep my mind focused on my priority. Things I've learned over the years.

I didn't weigh today but I will weigh next Friday :) My first Weigh in.

Goal for week one :
1) Log my food
2) workout 4 days
3) Don't eat at work ( no nibbling) 

I think one of my biggest problems is consistency , In other words I don't stick to something long enough to tell if its working or not. Thats another goal for me, to stick to this for at least a month to see how its working (maybe even 2 months.)

My ultimate goal is to be down 30lbs before summer hits next year ( or possible more)...

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