Friday, November 15, 2013

TGIF 11/15/13

Good Morning,

Its the day after my birthday. LOL. I turned 35 yesterday - I don't feel 35 so its all good. I didn't have any cake ( I know, its shocking) I just didn't want any. very weird of me. LOL

Im kinda bummed at the moment, I found out yesterday that my husbands job screwed up his insurance and he may not get it until January. He was suppose to get it back in August. I kept asking him to ask why he hadn't and at first it was because the company decided to move 'open enrollment'. Now there saying while open enrollment he didn't 'confirm' his insurance package . Their appealing it and won't know anything for three weeks. *eye roll*.  I was depending on it - I really wanted to go back to my doctor for some antidepressants and anxiety meds. sigh.... And whats worse is my Asthma is acting up again? Im not sure if its the extra weight gain or the weather but I've had to use an older inhaler ( its not expired ) that only has like 15 puffs left. The inhaler is 290$ without insurance. Its crazy!! I'm not sure what im going to do after 15 days...sigh


Im going to be honest with you guys. I haven't weighed in over 2 weeks or counted calories. My depression & anxiety is back so I figure why put more stress on myself?  My pants aren't any tighter or I don't feel any heavier so I'm im not worried about it. I've been eating more fruit instead of snack foods  and drinking my water so Im proud of that :)

My next plan of action against my weight is a book by Tom Venuto, the writer of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle ( a program I did back in 2007 and was successful )  The book he wrote is more geared toward emotional / binge eating and how to stop it for good. He speaks about the importance of losing body fat, not fat , through eating whole foods and exercise. I'm hoping it will keep me motivated to stick with it until I can notice some results,... and that usually keeps me motivated to keep going.
 Its called The Body Fat Solution. I'm pretty excited about it.


I have almost talked myself into keeping my low paying part-time job as a second job for extra income. I don't think it will hurt anything if I worked two nights a week. I already told my husband that if I do decid to work a second job then that money is strictly for savings..that's it!!! I'm not working a second job for us to go out and blow as soon as I get it.  Period!!  He agreed ( like he always does, LOL)

Oh and I don't start my new Del job until Monday. They had to wait until my drug test and back ground test came back :)

So yesterday was a 30 minute power walk and today im not sure.


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