Thursday, November 21, 2013

Morning Mumbles ....

Good Morning

Im tired today, hopefully I will get a little kick in my step once I get to work.

And speaking of work, I cooked mostly by myself yesterday. It was intense...very intense for about 2 hours but once you get the hot bar set, it slows down considerable ( unless we run out of something). My trainer got on my nerves. I don't trust her. She kept barking orders at me and I could feel her rolling her eyes. And TBH..I don't care what she says or does, I didn't come into this job saying I could cook. Nor did I come in here to make friends. I just said I would try...and I am trying. If my best isn't good enough then they will move me to another area in the Deli. Im just happy to be back at the Grocery store again. :)

Its not the hardest job in the world but I don't see a lot of people being able to do it without freaking out. Kinda like donuts in the bakery. You have to be fast and be able to multi-task or its going to overwhelm   you!!

anyways, I will get it. It will take time.

My mind keeps going back to my weight and my workouts. I wont be truly happy until I can start getting some weight off. I keep telling myself that I'm going to get serious soon.  Its gotta be the right time for me though, and right now isn't it with the holidays approaching and me starting this job. ( just being honest here). My goal is to not gain any weight until Im ready ( probably January)  But there is one thing I can start doing right now. Upping my workouts.  I can start weight training again and getting in more intense cardio sessions. I miss it. I miss that feeling of complete calmness and exhaustion.. when I can feel my blood pumping and my muscles relaxing. It such an exhilarating feeling!!

 I really want to try and get in something after work today...yesterday my legs were screaming and my feet were aching. There was no way I could have worked out ( I would have back in the day though, nothing stopped me back then)
 when I got home, I had to take advil to stop it. If I don't get in a workout today I know I can tomorrow because im off. Yay!! And im off Saturday too Yay!!


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