Sunday, November 24, 2013

Got 20 Minutes to Type

Good Morning,

Today is day #4 at the deli, my new position at the grocery store. I keep going over the routine in my head and I feel 'pretty' confident that I have it. Today is suppose to be one of the busiest days in the deli though, Sunday rush starts about 10 am. Oh well, im not going to stress about it all. Just got to do one thing at a time.

I never got in a weight workout the other day, I did do a cardio kickboxing type of workout. It was a good sweat. I plan on doing Leslie Sansone's 4 fast miles after work today. I need to get in another good sweat fest .

Im off the next two days so that is something to look forward too today :)

I found a bike I want to buy but my DH wants me to get something a little bit more sturdy ( eyeroll) I told him I'm not going off trail bike riding - I plan on cruising on paved trails for exercise. Anyways, here is a link of it, I think its adorable.


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