Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good Morning Blog Peeps,

My eyes popped open at 3:30 this morning and I felt fully rested, so I rolled out of bed. I did turn in pretty early last night.

Yesterday was my first day back at the grocery store. I work in the Deli department now. It was what I expected it to be - a fast pace and multi-tasking job. Yesterday I observed and today I will be doing it while my trainer observes. This coming up Thursday I will do it on my own.

Im kinda nervous but at the same time, I know once I got it...I will rock it. Its nice to have people to talk too over there.  In the bakery there was always this quiet/awkwardness feeling - specially when the Manager was there. I didn't speak to anybody in the bakery yesterday and they didn't approach me...so I guess the're still pissed that I left. Or they think im still pissed - I really don't care either way.

My eating was good yesterday and I got in another 30 minute walk. In about two weeks I plan on joining a larger gym that is about 15 minutes away. They have several classes to offer and its HUGE. I'm pretty excited. And once Christmas is over I will maybe pay for a personal trainer. Maybe they can get me motivated enough to start a new program. I would love to lose about 30lbs before summer (even 20lbs would be nice).

I still plan on going to the library to get that book I mentioned on an earlier post. I'm willing to do anything to get motivated.

So no news on my insurance yet. I started taking fish oil and a complex 'B' supplement Friday morning and by Monday I could tell. Just a peaceful feeling. I still feel it this morning. I  plan on going to the doctor for something...but until then I'm going to strap on my seat belts and ride this anxiety/depression out. I've been listening to those brain sync mp3 downloads that I bought last year. They seem to help. I also listen to a mediating 10 min-break app on my phone during breaks at work. They help too.

ok...gotta get me another cup of my 1/2 decafe coffee. Everyone have a nice day. :)

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