Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deli Associate - Deep Breath

Good Morning,

I've got some things on my mind this morning so I thought I would blog about it.

Yesterday was my 2nd day as a deli associate, it was a very emotional day to say the least. I went in confident and almost broke down twice. I felt like I was going to cry around 8am because I got overwhelmed and went blank. Then after lunch I got overwhelmed again and went into the cooler with tears in my eyes, but they never fell.

The cook in the Deli department has the hardest job there ( besides management) You have thirty minutes to get breakfast cooked and out ( 15 biscuits). You have 4 hours to cook 14 items including 3 veggies, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, 48 pcs of fried chicken, chicken tenders, baked chicken, bbq chicken, cobbler and three back up dishes.  Its not easy....its a lot at one time. I broke down yesterday but today I will not. My trainer had to guide me yesterday but she's not aloud to do that today because tomorrow im on my own. (Deep breath) After lunch you may have to cook more chicken or mashed potatoes. If its busy. But after you set your hot bar ( food mentioned above) you can take your time until you leave. I like that part...

There is a lot of younger adults working there ( 21-28) and all they do is talk. Talk about their lives, talk about other peoples lives, talk about everybody in the grocery about everything.  And speaking of talking. My trainer told me some gossip during lunch about the bakery department. Supposedly, the Bakery Manager told a girl in confidence that she was thinking about quitting and moving to Florida to live with her boyfriend and when she's asked she denies it. I also heard that the new Assistant ( the girl I thought was my friend and the same girl that was told above in confidence) isn't doing a very good job and is always in trouble with the Bakery Manager.

ok...I gotta go and rock the deli department this morning. ;-) , wish me luck!!

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