Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dang its cold! >>>>BURRRRR<<<<<<,

Its 62 degree's in my house right now. My hubby and I refuse to put on the heat until its freezing outside, we have plenty of firewood to keep us warm...its just not on fire right now,lol. But when we do fire up the fireplace it heats up 90% of the house.

:::::::::::::::Warning-V*E*N*T coming up:::::::::::::::
ok, so I'm ready to chunk the scale out the bathroom window - its pissing me off!!!! I know I had some salty vegetable soup yesterday for lunch but I also drank a frickin' gallon of water, but yet its telling me a gain of 3.2lbs . GRRR. Impossible!!!  I need to get my hubby to measure me, perhaps I have lost inches. I do notice a slight difference in my clothes ->just a slight<- .="" 20="" again...its="" been="" but="" days....="" only="" p="">
So I get to work yesterday and everybody ( 3 people) are gathered in a group and talking about something. There have been a few robberies in the area and one of the girls saw one of the robbers in our store, staking it out. She freaked out and hasn't been to work since. I was told to come in today to cover her shift, apparently she isn't coming back. to get ready for another work day :)

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