Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Update

Good Morning,

I'm loving this fall weather! Its soo cool and crisp outside and the colors are gorgeous. We took the kids to a local park on Friday to get out of the house. I was baby sitting my 5yr old Niece who is quite grown up.  My sons in the middle (8) and my baby girl who is approaching the preteen age (13) is on the left. Where does the time go?

So last week I was at work, eating my supper and I only brought a sandwhich and a apple, after eating that I ventured out into the store to see what else I could eat - being that I had extra calories. I decided to try some mini rice cakes in sour cream and onion flavor called popped. DANG those things where good! I took a picture of the bag to remember what they were, lol. Im glad I did because yesterday I couldn't find them in the chip area of my grocery store, then it dawned on me to look in the rice cake area, duh.  This time I got cheddar cheese and there good too. They also have BBQ.

Man, rice cakes have really come up in the world! I can remember a time when you had to add something to them to get flavor. I saw chocolate, apple and cinnamon, blueberry and white cheddar. I plan on trying all the flavors.

Yesterday I got in two workouts because I ate a little too much on Friday night, I ended up going over about 800 calories. I know - not good. But I have all week burn those calories off.

Life and bills have been a major challenge lately guys. Just very stressful for both of us. I can't sleep worth a flip at night. I'm taking 10mg+ of melatonin just to get to sleep and im waking up every few hours. We're having to borrow money from relatives just to make ends meet. My DH makes enough money for the mortgage & utilities but add in the cost of food, that pesky car payment and another finance payment ( something we did to build up his credit) and he doesn't make enough. Luckily the car has 3 more payments left and its ours. And I tried to get food assistance but got denied because the government says we make too much money? I just couldn't believe that! Food cost us close to $150 a week. Then there's the paper products and hygiene stuff and dog food.

Well, at least I will start bringing in a check on Fridays. Its a  teenie tiny check but better than nothing. I ain't gonna lie guys, I'm looking for another job. I just can't swallow my pride and be satisfied with what I make an hour. Not after making 4$ more at the bakery.  I've been applying every week at jobs that pay more.

ok...time to get this house cleaned up, get my workout in and get ready for my job later today. I do like my job, it just doesn't pay enough. Its easy peasy.  The other day I figured up how long it would take for the raises to add up to what I made at the bakery, 12 years!! Im not waiting 12 yrs and I have no interest in being a lead or an assistant manager. It isn't worth the responsibility. I've learned my lesson with that.....


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