Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Spice ...and everything nice...

Good Morning

I finally got in a good nights rest last night. I bought a new melatonin time-released tablet yesterday and it worked great. No waking up tossing and turning. YAY!!

Work was eventful yesterday, lots of crazy inpatient customers. One women bought like 80 goggles because they were .10 cents a piece. She 'swore' that she wasn't a hoarder. Then when she went through the line she kept wanting to void stuff off and wanting to explain why...sigh. Meanwhile customers behind her were getting huffy puffy.

You know, this is my 2nd official week of working and I can honestly say that I like my job. Its just too bad it doesn't pay a lot or I would consider a career here. Its easy and its a small store.

So pumpkins. Pumpkins are everywhere. Hubby and I went to wally world for some grociers and my mouth was DROOLING over in the bakery section. Ugh, pumpkin bread, muffins, cake donuts, cake bites, mini muffins, danishes. Man I wanted to stick something pumpkin in my buggie, but in the end I let out a big sigh and moved on. Im trying to get this weight off and buying those yummy goodies won't help.

Yesterday I got in a walk and logged my calories. Went over 140 but its all good. Im doing great & im proud of myself. I know it will only get easier once my pants start loosing up ;-)

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