Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pizza and Hot dogs...

 Hello All!

Im doing great today. Well, kinda...we (hubby and I) just came from our weekly grocery shopping adventure and man I was hungry. There was good looking crap everywhere!  I think I stood and stared at a dozen things for 10 minutes a piece. You know those things that you can't buy because you would inhale them in 2/3rds of a second. sigh,
In the end I settled for a diet mountain dew until I got home for lunch. And lunch was DELICIOUS. Remember those flat wrap pizza's I used to make?  Well I bought everything but the turkey pepperoni but it was still good. Spinach, mushroom and ham pizza. YUM and around 230 calories total.

I also wanted to show you another picture but this one annoyed the crap out of me. We stopped to get gas and remind you that my stomach was growling ( I don't know why? I ate breakfast about an hour earlier) Well I look up and there are pictures of junk food everywhere. UGH. Notice the hot dog in this picture. There were other pics of chili cheese tator tots, nacho's w/cheese and donuts. No wonder a lot of people are over weight...I told myself to look forward and guzzle your diet mountain dew. ;-)

So anyways, I just finished a 37 minute kickbox workout and im feeling the afterburn. It feels good. Im also loving the fact that all the water weight is gone and I'm hoping to see a lost soon on the scale. Just one pound would be nice. ... .... will see.  

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