Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Its Tuesday ~ October, 29th

Good morning!

Sorry for the lack of post lately - there just isn't really anything interesting to report. No new weight loss to report, nothing really going on around here except the same ol' same ol'.

 I seem to be hovering around the same weight. I really need to chuck the scale but darn it - I got to know what my weight is? My workouts have been great! Im proud of myself for getting them in :) I'm also proud of myself for drinking a lot of water lately.

Still having those feelings of binge eating but I have been keeping my mind and hands busy with other task to get rid of them. Its hard...but working. Just like every other emotion humans go through, eventually they pass.

Lots of drama at work right now. We are basically short two people so I am having to work 4 days a week until she hires two more. I told her the other day that I only want 24 hours a week and thats it ( now that my cars paid off I'd rather be at home with my kids ) and she's fine with that. ( like she has a choice) She's pretty easy going...

I'm trying to get hired at my husbands job but my gosh - they only want to hire people with a lot of experience or hire one of the temporary people already working there. So yesterday I emailed a manager at the temp service there and she told me to ask back around April of next year. Gah...

I'm still looking for another hire paying job. Hoping to find a front desk job...

ok...thats my ramble for today. Nothing planned today except workout and for me to stay on track with my food. There is also laundry and blah, blah, blah


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