Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eye Of the Tiger

TGIT! its a four day weekend for the kids & im so thankful for that! No alarm clocks & lunch making for 4 days yay!

Kinda pleased for today's weight - down another lb. Tomorrow will be my first official 1st week's weigh in day.  It will be a challenge to not step on the scale everyday next week but I plan just weighing in on Friday Morning. I don't want to get too obsessed with all these #'s I know how I am.

So yesterday I was getting in my 45 min power walk at a local high schools track, listening to tunes when I noticed the football players doing drills...I felt this instant adrenaline rush come over me and my mind was screaming "YOU CAN DO THAT! " ...well, I used to do that.
They were running the bleachers, push-ups on toes and running the tire's. I felt the sudden urge to join in LOL. But instead I made a mental note to run the bleachers one day soon. Maybe after some weight is gone, like 10-15lbs (it will be easier LOL).

ok...later gators...

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